focus on playing cribbage

let the calculator do the math

Cribbage Calculator

For those hands with so many combinations that your head hurts!

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Cribbage Calculator is no longer being updated or maintained. It will be removed from the App Store in Q3 of 2021 since I no longer use iOS. Depending on my motivational levels, I may build one for Android to replace it.


Tap the Cribb Card first before adding the others

Tap the cribb card first and (optionally) its suit, then add four more cards

Always tap the card followed by its suit (if you wish to enter suits)

Tap "=" to see the score, "x" to delete a card/suit



Hand Breakdown (part 1)

A breakdown of the hand appears at the top on taller iPhones

Suits will be shown only if you entered them

If you did not enter suits, flushes and nobs will not be calculated




Hand Breakdown (part 2)

Tap the "i" button to see a larger breakdown of the score

This method is recommended particularly if you have enabled VoiceOver under Settings > General > Accessibility



Older iPhones

The breakdown only can be seen by tapping the "i" button on older iPhones

Entering suits is optional. Here the suit has been entered only for the cribb card and the Jack to calculate "his nob"




Settings screen

Shake to Clear resets the calculator. The accessibility options are designed to minimise the button taps required for VoiceOver users (though others may like this, too), as well as to improve the quality of the score breakdown that is read aloud.



Full Words in Breakdown for better reading with VoiceOver

This option replaces symbols for each suit with words spelled in full.

For example, "Fifteen (Ace of spades, 5 of hearts, 9 of clubs) = 2".