My first novel in almost a decade!

Clive Cussler: White DeathYesterday, I finished reading the first work of fiction in a very long time. It was a book by Clive Cussler titled “White Death”. This particular author came very highly recommended by a good friend, and, not knowing which one would make a good introduction (and having to make a choice on the spot, at Narnia Bookshop in Tamworth), I chose “White Death”, only to find out later that my friend didn’t regard this particular story too highly. Oh well, what can you do?

Nevertheless, my final thoughts on this book are generally positive, though, I started reading many months ago, and with large gaps in between, I found it difficult to keep up the pace. The book didn’t really get going until about half-way through, when the story left the Faroe Islands and Denmark and picked up in Washington D.C. and Canada. Although it felt like a James Bond movie, with a clichéd, bald, bad-guy, I don’t feel as though I have wasted my time (like I did after watching “The Avengers”, with Sean Connery and Uma Thurman, or “Cube”!)

All in all, I’m glad to have finished it and look forward to my next diversion, by Ken Follett, titled “The Pillars of the Earth” – which is 1076 pages long – and since this book was specifically recommended to me as the best book my friend has ever read, I expect to enjoy it thoroughly.

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  1. I subscribe to the notion that Clive Cussler, whilst indeed a veteran of the world of fiction, does tend to reinvent the same combination of ‘guy meets girl, guy saves girl, guy gets girl’, which remains blatantly transparent in the midst of an otherwise riveting action thriller. It is however, somewhat……predictable. Nonetheless, I’ve read seven (and a half) of his best sellers and am still an ardent proponent of his work. I must concur with your friend’s recommendation however, Ken Follett produces work of an outstandingly high calibre and remains significantly ‘recommendable’ and compellingly readable. (Pillars of the Earth; The Third Twin; and Whiteout, to name a few).

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