New year’s resolutions for 2005

My brother has seen fit to publish his new year’s resolutions, so I may as well do the same. Here goes:

The above list constitutes what you might call my “core resolutions” (I hope Don Watson doesn’t see this). I also have a few “non core resolutions”, which includes:

  • Learn the fundamentals of English grammar. Most of the time I seem to instinctively know what’s good and what isn’t, but I have to admit that I know absolutely none of the theory, save for some knowledge on the correct use of the apostrophe (though I still stumble at times). Sadly, I am the product of the modern Australian education system, which doesn’t think it necessary to waste students’ time with silly things like learning how to speak and write our language properly. Learning another language is now all the more difficult because I haven’t got a clue as to what a transitive verb is, for example
  • Neglect my garden a little less, perhaps (I can see this one easily being forgotten)
  • Become proficient in Java, if only so that I know an enterprise-class language alternative to .NET. Of course, since Java is an integral part of my IT degree, I stand a good chance of achieving this one

Unlike the failure of many organisations to review their business plans, to gauge their performance at regular intervals, I will actually see how I go in twelve months’ time.

7 thoughts on “New year’s resolutions for 2005

  1. I was thinking about Terry Pratchett only yesterday after I read the first fifty pages of Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation”, which I have to say, makes a hell of a lot more sense than the bizarre world of Ankh-Morpork. I once knew somebody who has probably read every single novel (if I may apply that term to Mr. Pratchett’s disjointed ramblings jotted down, no doubt, when he surely must have been a resident of an insane asylum) and haven’t heard from them in ages. I hope all is well.

    My email address is the “real” first and last names of the cartoon actor that portrays “McBain” from The Simpsons at (how’s that for obfuscation against email harvesting bots? take that, you spamming swine!)

  2. I still think you should read more Terry Pratchett! it’s good for you, Trust me.

    Wonder who this is, cause I have no idea.

    “but you do get that.”

  3. Hi Monicque,

    Interesting web site :)

    Well, I haven’t made much progress on the resolutions, however, I have read 1.5 novels (not including evil text books), and hope to finish reading the second one (“Pillars of the Earth”, 1076 pages by Ken Follett) after my exams are over next month. The German is coming along a little bit, too. Maybe next year I won’t document any resolutions at all!


  4. Hi Marc,
    (I’m doing the BIT also at CSU via distance).
    Great website.
    Just wondering… Now that you only have 2 months less in 2005, how are you going with the resolutions?

  5. I never seem to stick to my New year’s resolutions, so I havn’t bothered for years, but like you said, thanks to the Australian Education department, I to don’t have a clue what verbs and such are, so maybe I could vow to learn them. It would make it easier for me, considering I do write a lot.

  6. A very demanding list Marc, best of british to you :)
    If we are to make 2005 resolutions I guess I have a few which I would like to share:
    1. become less egocentric
    2. downsize both physically and domestically (I’m such a pack rat)
    3. to stop procrastinating and produce some saleable artwork ie. painting and photography

  7. Wow. Thats a sterling set of resolutions. I resolved in 1985 never to make another resolution, and its the only one I have never actually broken :) That, said, however, there are changes I need to make, and I can most certainly relate to the weight issue. I think computers have a lot to answer for, a sedentary lifestyle is very bad for many of us. Good luck with it all :)

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