Guess what I just saw at Coles: Easter Eggs!

You might think that I’m just wishful thinking, because I do like my Easter Eggs, but seeing them on the shelves on the 30th of December is probably a tad early, don’t you think? I should say that these were only the bags of tiny solid eggs and creme eggs (which my brother says don’t really count), but they still say “Easter Eggs” on the front, so they count as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know about you but I like to get through at least until Australia Day before seeing such tempting evils in the supermarket!

6 thoughts on “Guess what I just saw at Coles: Easter Eggs!

  1. I really really hate the commercialisation (is that a word?) of Christmas and Easter. I am not a Christian but I do believe that the history of those particular holidays demands a respect no longer given to them. I noted that this year one of the favoured gifts for Christmas was liposuction and facelifts. What the…. ????? Whatever happened to giving a book or somesuch? Now, it seems, we are expected to spend thousands of dollars on Christmas gifts (to prove something? the keep up? what???) The credit card debt keeps rising, and the beneficiaries are not the gift recipients. Sad.

  2. @Doomgirl – you must be kidding. christmas is ment to be a celebration of the birth of jesus. would you like your birthday to be celebrated 6 months prior/later and not on the day.

  3. Somehow it doesn’t surprise me, considering that this year Christmas decorations began to appear on the shelves in September, but I do like the idea of Xmas in July =o)

  4. The commercial world has gone crazy. I can see that the Christmas in July fad will actually become a “real” festival, along with the usual public holidays, presents, etc etc.

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