Enterprise has been cancelled. Thank god!

My day has been brightened today with the news that Enterprise has been cancelled. The series that dared not call itself “Star Trek”, in a pathetic attempt to attract new viewers, not once inspired the slightest bit of enthusiasm for the next episode. The great Xindi story arc was probably where I yearned to strangle Captain Archer the most – in particular where he paced back and forth, anguishing as he contemplated torturing the Xindi captive in the brig. If that was me I would have brought out the shiny, sharp, tools in a flash!

This captain is the product of a dying duo, Berman and Braga, each seeking to further the cause of political correctness in its most boring form, and squeeze a few more years out of Trek in the process. An angry Vulcan leading the High Command, aliens dressed as Nazi SS officers, and more than their fair share of episodes involving time travel, showed Enterprise to be the most uninspired science fiction I have yet had the displeasure of viewing. Star Trek Nemesis hasn’t helped Trek’s reputation, either, with yet another bad guy trying to destroy earth as we watch an excellent group of characters trying to make the best of a poor script.

Yes, it is time to lay Star Trek to rest and give it a decade or more to allow new story writers to come up with something worthy of Paramount‘s money and my time. I am not encouraged, however, after reading that Berman is still trying to squeeze the life out of Star Trek, and a sad bunch of die-hards just won’t give up!

3 thoughts on “Enterprise has been cancelled. Thank god!

  1. I actually watched an episode or two of Enterprise when there was nothing else to watch on TV late at night. Not worth writing home about. Give me Next Gen and Voyager and I’m happy.

  2. I liked “Enterprise” a lot. It was very interesting watching the Earthlings delve into the unknown in the early years of warp travel, always under the omnipotent watch of the Vulcan superpower.

    I liked it much better than Deep Space Nine and most of the Voyager series. Although, I must say, that 7of9’s introduction into Voyager was very impressive indeed.

  3. I’m really quite sad about Enterprise; I really enjoyed it for the first couple of seasons, although I’m definitely in the minority there. Brannon & Braga ruined what could have been a great series.

    As you say, I hope they leave Trek alone for a decade or more, and then come back with another *great* series, not just a tolerable one. (Although I still want to see an Academy-based series, I will admit.)

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