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I’ve always wanted a cuckoo clock and, although I didn’t buy it in Germany, my new timepiece is German made. On the main road in New Zealand between Hamilton and Rotorua is the small town of Tirau (meaning “place of many cabbage trees” in Maori; I don’t know what a cabbage tree looks like but I don’t remember seeing any of the vegetables) which is where I popped in to see The Clock Peddler.

This store is a clock enthusiast’s dream, and even though I’m not one myself, I didn’t hesitate to reach for the plastic once I saw the wall covered in what must have been almost fifty cuckoo clocks. It was love at first sight and I just had to have one (not having to pay the 12.5% GST if I got it delivered back to Australia also sweetened the deal and covered the postage with money to spare).

I chose a smaller clock with a manual mechanism inside, deciding that a battery-operated cuckoo clock simply would have no personality. I may have got more than I bargained for because I can’t quite get used to the noise the ticking makes at night, but thankfully I can shut off the cuckooing :-)

(Picture: Cuckoo clock hanging on my wall)

The two weighted pinecones slowly move down during the day and the leaf on the pendulum moves up or down to fine tune the clock’s accuracy. The diameter of the clock face is 6 cm.

(Movie: Cuckoo clock in action)

Movie showing the cuckoo clock in action. The file is a DivX 5.0 AVI with PCM audio. File size is 1,386 KB. Taken using a Kodak EasyShare C330 that I borrowed from work.

3 thoughts on “Check out my new cuckoo clock

  1. Perhaps this sound proof box you speak of could be USB or Wi-Fi enabled… As a side note, if you are seriously thinking of an isolation cabinet so you can sleep at night, I’d be happy to help you put one together…

  2. Um, there are two chains dangling beneath it, so I suppose they could be considered wires, but that’s not exactly wireless, is it?. You know my thoughts on wireless…

    One thing’s for sure, the only way to stop the infernal ticking at night is to put your hand beside the pendulum on the down-swing until it stops. The idea of owning a cuckoo clock, and actually having one, are two distinct propositions, I’ve discovered. It would be nice if the ticking could be silenced! Maybe I should install a sound-proof box to put over it at night?

  3. Nice work fearby, my only question is where does the USB cable plug in, or is it a wireless jobby? ;-)

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