Anybody wanna write my essay?

It seems that I’ll do anything to avoid writing my ethics essay for uni – watching TV, household chores, (thinking about) gardening, even adding another post to this widely-read blog! A looming deadline used to be motivation enough but it just doesn’t seem to make a difference when it comes to a subject which has nothing to do with “Web-Based Information Systems” (my B Info Tech major).

Well, I suppose applied ethics is relevant if you’re an academic cooped-up inside a faculty building somewhere but there’s no way I can summon 2,000 words worth of interest in this. It’s enough to make me wish I was taking statistics or accounting again (both not related to web programming and I hate mathematics in all its forms). I think I’ll go and watch Top Gear and ogle the Aston Martin DB9.

4 thoughts on “Anybody wanna write my essay?

  1. Hi Mark,
    I hate ethics too, but just completed anyhow my assay. I encountered ethics in my MASTERS (MNSA). Got good marks in assignment though.

    You are with applied ethics, I had “IT ethics” But the concept is the same.

  2. Assignment submitted! One thousand, nine hundred, and forty words of complete and utter tripe. I simply could not find another sixty words of dribble. As a colleague recently said: “Ps make degrees,” so anything more than a pass really is a waste in a subject for which I care so little.

  3. Interesting conjecture as to your “lack of display of” morals. Would not the lack of display of morals simply be the same as having no morals in the first place? If you were seen to be cavorting promiscuously at an orgy, for example, but were truly a moral individual, how would one know that you were a moral person, given the apparent display? Then again, who’s to know? The person observing you at said orgy likely would have no morals also. Be clear that I’m passing no judgements here, because this wonderful subject has taught me at least that one ought to distinguish between judging a particular situation and being a judgemental person. If only I could pay this much attention to my essay, which is due in 12 hours and 21 minutes!

    I’ve only recently developed an interest in cars after becoming addicted to Top Gear (as a welcome addition to my rigorous procrastination regimen). I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a mere shell of a man for not yet having learned how to drive a manual car, so, as soon as this degree is finished, I’ll be rectifying this terrible oversight. Maybe I’ll try to be less pompous and use simpler words in this blog, too :-)

  4. Ethics are completely relevant man! Like, just this morning I had to use my ethical judgement in deciding whether to fleece the social club here of thirty cents when paying for my morning cup of instant coffee. In the end the decision was too hard anyway, so I just boycotted it. My concience has been killing me, but I guess these repercussions are tied up with my morals (or lack of display of) rather than pure ethics… I can never tell.

    I wouldn’t have figured you for the Auto-car oogler. Awesome…

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