Desert Colour Scheme for NetBeans

Eyeball a white screen whilst programming for too long and your eyes are going to hurt, so a sympathetic colour scheme is essential. My favourite scheme, or at least the one I became used to when I used gedit a fair bit, is called Desert (no longer available, so here’s my copy), which is based on the Desert scheme for vim. Lately I’ve been using Geany to take advantage of a few more features, so here are of the relevant files from my “~/.config/geany/filedefs” directory which I modified to implement the same colours.

However, this Christmas I intend to read Programming Clojure, a book I bought just over a year ago! And since I haven’t been able to cope with emacs or vim, I was forced to once and for all put in the time to implement the Desert colour scheme in NetBeans. The process was quite laborious, so hopefully this will be useful to those who find the default offerings a little meagre.

Here’s a sample of the colour scheme, showing defpackage.clj from the clojure examples in the book. I have also configured these same colours for other file formats I use often, such as PHP, HTML, JS, CSS, SQL, and knocked up the others as best I could in the time available. NetBeans sure doesn’t make this easy, but you gets what you pays for :-)

(picture: preview showing desert colour scheme

Download: Desert Colour Scheme for NetBeans 59.3 KB (created with 6.9.1)

To install, open NetBeans, go to Tools > Options, then click on Fonts & Colors, then click the Import button at the bottom and browse to the file downloaded above. Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Desert Colour Scheme for NetBeans

  1. Thank you , this is the best dark theme for netbeans I’ve used so far (great fonts too) .

  2. Thanks for the theme! I love it! Good choice of colors. And thanks for the hint about the caret color. I set the color to light grey. I think white is too bright.

  3. It’s been a while since I used Netbeans (not having needed to do any dev at home) but I installed 7.1.2 tonight and noticed that the cursor was not visible. I had to go into the Highlighting tab for this colour scheme’s options and set the Caret Color to white, not Inherited (which was white anyway) but I had to specifically choose White for some reason. Problem sorted.

  4. Great one. Just changed background to black instead of grey. Also changed caret color because cursor was not showing :) Thanks a lot

  5. Great job. However, it’s really annoying not to be able to see the current cursor position.

  6. Awesome, I have had to switch back to netbeans from vim, just what I needed, thanks for this!

  7. Very nice indeed. Hard to find good NetBeans color themes.
    I appreciate the time you spent doing this.

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