Enterprise has been cancelled. Thank god!

My day has been brightened today with the news that Enterprise has been cancelled. The series that dared not call itself “Star Trek”, in a pathetic attempt to attract new viewers, not once inspired the slightest bit of enthusiasm for the next episode. The great Xindi story arc was probably where I yearned to strangle Captain Archer the most – in particular where he paced back and forth, anguishing as he contemplated torturing the Xindi captive in the brig. If that was me I would have brought out the shiny, sharp, tools in a flash!

This captain is the product of a dying duo, Berman and Braga, each seeking to further the cause of political correctness in its most boring form, and squeeze a few more years out of Trek in the process. An angry Vulcan leading the High Command, aliens dressed as Nazi SS officers, and more than their fair share of episodes involving time travel, showed Enterprise to be the most uninspired science fiction I have yet had the displeasure of viewing. Star Trek Nemesis hasn’t helped Trek’s reputation, either, with yet another bad guy trying to destroy earth as we watch an excellent group of characters trying to make the best of a poor script.

Yes, it is time to lay Star Trek to rest and give it a decade or more to allow new story writers to come up with something worthy of Paramount‘s money and my time. I am not encouraged, however, after reading that Berman is still trying to squeeze the life out of Star Trek, and a sad bunch of die-hards just won’t give up!

New year’s resolutions for 2005

My brother has seen fit to publish his new year’s resolutions, so I may as well do the same. Here goes:

The above list constitutes what you might call my “core resolutions” (I hope Don Watson doesn’t see this). I also have a few “non core resolutions”, which includes:

  • Learn the fundamentals of English grammar. Most of the time I seem to instinctively know what’s good and what isn’t, but I have to admit that I know absolutely none of the theory, save for some knowledge on the correct use of the apostrophe (though I still stumble at times). Sadly, I am the product of the modern Australian education system, which doesn’t think it necessary to waste students’ time with silly things like learning how to speak and write our language properly. Learning another language is now all the more difficult because I haven’t got a clue as to what a transitive verb is, for example
  • Neglect my garden a little less, perhaps (I can see this one easily being forgotten)
  • Become proficient in Java, if only so that I know an enterprise-class language alternative to .NET. Of course, since Java is an integral part of my IT degree, I stand a good chance of achieving this one

Unlike the failure of many organisations to review their business plans, to gauge their performance at regular intervals, I will actually see how I go in twelve months’ time.

Guess what I just saw at Coles: Easter Eggs!

You might think that I’m just wishful thinking, because I do like my Easter Eggs, but seeing them on the shelves on the 30th of December is probably a tad early, don’t you think? I should say that these were only the bags of tiny solid eggs and creme eggs (which my brother says don’t really count), but they still say “Easter Eggs” on the front, so they count as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know about you but I like to get through at least until Australia Day before seeing such tempting evils in the supermarket!

About this web site

This web site exists mainly for the purposes of tinkering and to serve as an online reference for my brain, which tends to forget everything it doesn’t process on a regular basis. I can sit through a much-anticipated movie then look dumb when others talk about a particular scene that may have been spectacular. It seems that technology has atrophied my brain, which is now capable of a few short sprints, but definitely not a long distance walk or run. Since the internet is only a few steps away, this web site has come to my rescue!

About Me

(Picture: )

My name is Marc Fearby and I live in the city of Tamworth, in the state of New South Wales, in Australia. I am 30 years old and currently work as a web/database programmer for a large organisation in Tamworth. My picture (right) was taken in Beijing in 2002 (more of the photos I took can be seen under the “Beijing photos” link at the top of the page).


  • Classical music; favourite composers: Sibelius, Ravel, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Medtner, de Falla, Brahms, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, Copland, Vaughan Williams… the list goes on!
  • Programming; favourite language: perl. I have experience in ASP but I prefer not to think about it since it gives me a headache. I also tinker with java script and CSS, but these two also give me headaches because of a certain, crapulent, “web browser”. I have also studied a few Java subjects for my university degree, and given the choice between it and .NET, I will be taking “it”.
  • Languages; in particular, German, and all the Germanic languages (which includes the only language I speak fluently, English). My SBS Atlas of Languages fascinates me greatly. If only I had more time.
  • Science fiction; favourite programs: Star Trek The Next Generation, Voyager, and Deep Space Nine, Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica (the remake), Star Wars…
  • TV Shows; favourites include The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Hogan’s Heroes, Dad’s Army, ‘Allo ‘Allo, Yes Minister, Yes Prime Minister, Frasier, South Park…
  • Movies; usually a good action film and always a good submarine flick. Oh, and sci-fi movies, too
  • Books; favourite author: Collen McCullough for her Roman sextet of novels. Actually, I haven’t had a lot of time to read books since I discovered computers, which is a sorry state of affairs I hope to correct in 2005.

I admit defeat

Finally, I have admitted that I am too lazy to hand-code my web site. Tinkering with the ins and outs of XHTML, JavaScript, and CSS, is for people whose day jobs aren’t brightened by these troublesome technologies. Anybody sane enough to still be interested in cross-browser web page design deserves my deepest respect, because having to put up with Internet Explorer’s shocking standards non-compliance is enough to make anybody contemplate the evils of pure Macromedia Flash or image-based site design.

Having got that out of my system, I have been working on the stylesheet for my new site for more than three months (well, here and there, at least). I have even befriended those CSS hacks that I would previously have regarded as crimes against humanity – namely, adding a non-breaking space before a selector just to keep Internet Explorer happy. It seems that your typical CSS-junkie, these days, relies upon these horrors as a matter of course, so until Microsoft updates their browser, I say welcome to those nasty CSS-hacks. You are my friends.

And to those of you for whom this site does not render properly, I say to you: stop using that quaint, fringe-dwelling/Microsoft, web browser and get a decent one!