Internet advertising gone crazy!

Yesterday, I searched the internet far and wide for a plugin for the Eclipse IDE that would provide functionality similar to the “code snippets” feature in Dreamweaver. Having found the CFEclipse plugin, and discovering that I may use the Snip Tree View only when using the CFEclipse perspective, I decided to search a little more to see if I couldn’t squeeze out some reference to the snippets feature of CFEclipse being used in the Java perspective.

It was then that I came across a product review at titled “CFEclipse: The Developer’s IDE, Eclipse For ColdFusion”. The link in Google’s search results at least seemed promising, so I clicked. Big mistake! Not only do they assault their potential readers with a large DHTML layer about yet another AJAX conference, their page is also home to a Microsoft advertisement written in Flash with a soundtrack on auto-play. At the time I was listening to Mozart, with the volume turned up loud, so you could imagine the shock I got when the moron from Microsoft starts asking himself “what about total cost, will we get burned on support? Is it Linux or Windows Server?”

(Picture: screen capture of overloaded with advertising)

Click the thumbnail for a larger picture showing the abundance of advertising shown in red. Is this the sort of first impression you’d want for your site?

(Picture: screen capture of an entire article at overloaded with advertising and clutter)

Here you can see the entire first page of the article in question, with an overload of clutter shown in blue (you may have to magnify it if your browser shrinks the picture).

A recent article on, titled “Web sites judged in a blink”, states that “[i]n just a brief one-twentieth of a second — less than half the time it takes to blink — people make aesthetic judgments that influence the rest of their experience with an Internet site.” Clearly, the web “developers” at aren’t aware of this research (which I thought was just common-sense) or are desperately trying to catch a few more clicks to pay off a loan for a Porsche.

It’s web sites like these – overloaded with advertising and useless clutter – that are turning the internet into a nightmare. I cringe every time Google returns a list of results with something from Experts Exchange near the top, and get the impression that sites I once respected, such as, are fast succumbing to the this great scourge. Like the moth attracted to a flame, they can’t seem to help themselves. Until it’s too late, and we turn away in the blink of an eye.

If only Google had a “thumbs down” button beside each listing that would lower that site’s rank, we could banish these annoying sites to the great internet wasteland, where they would soon be joined by Google-magnets like,, and

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