My First iPhone App: Cribbage Calculator

My first iPhone app was made available on the iTunes Store today: a Cribbage Calculator. I’ve been playing cribbage with my next-door neighbour for almost a year now and sometimes you come across a hand with so many combinations that it’s rather challenging to add up.

So, in order to learn Objective-C (which is quite a shock for someone used to languages with “normal” syntax, such as Perl, JavaScript, C#) I decided to write an app to help me calculate complex Cribbage hands. I can also see what the app publishing process is all about, too.

If you’re too lazy to add up those 24 and 29 hands (even some 12’s and 16’s!), then this app might be for you. It might also come in handy if, say, you’ve imbibed a few glasses of port while playing cards :-)