Beijing 2002 – Day 1: Sydney Airport, Views over Queensland, Timor Sea, Guangzhou Airport

My trip to Beijing started on the 5th and finished on the 13th of October, 2002. I went with a group of 37 people from Tamworth, Ballina, Safety Bay, and Melbourne. The one thing we had in common was an association with Oxley High School in Tamworth; in my case, it was knowing the group organiser’s wife who works at the same place I do. Beijing is such an amazing place that I will definitely have to go on the next trip!

(Picture: Air China Boeing 777)

The Air China Boeing 777 as seen from gate 25 at Sydney airport

(Picture: somewhere over south-west Queensland)

View outside my window somewhere over south-west Queensland

(Picture: somwhere of the Timor Sea)

View outside my window somewhere over the Timor Sea

(Picture: Probably the Sulu Archipelago)

Probably the Sulu Archipelago according to the on-screen map displayed during flight

(Picture: Guangzhou Airport)

Waiting at Guangzhou airport, which was very 70’s in appearance

(Picture: Disembarking at Beijing Airport)

Getting off the plane at Beijing airport

I admit defeat

Finally, I have admitted that I am too lazy to hand-code my web site. Tinkering with the ins and outs of XHTML, JavaScript, and CSS, is for people whose day jobs aren’t brightened by these troublesome technologies. Anybody sane enough to still be interested in cross-browser web page design deserves my deepest respect, because having to put up with Internet Explorer’s shocking standards non-compliance is enough to make anybody contemplate the evils of pure Macromedia Flash or image-based site design.

Having got that out of my system, I have been working on the stylesheet for my new site for more than three months (well, here and there, at least). I have even befriended those CSS hacks that I would previously have regarded as crimes against humanity – namely, adding a non-breaking space before a selector just to keep Internet Explorer happy. It seems that your typical CSS-junkie, these days, relies upon these horrors as a matter of course, so until Microsoft updates their browser, I say welcome to those nasty CSS-hacks. You are my friends.

And to those of you for whom this site does not render properly, I say to you: stop using that quaint, fringe-dwelling/Microsoft, web browser and get a decent one!