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Anybody wanna write my essay?

It seems that I’ll do anything to avoid writing my ethics essay for uni – watching TV, household chores, (thinking about) gardening, even adding another post to this widely-read blog! A looming deadline used to be motivation enough but it just doesn’t seem to make a difference when it comes to a subject which has nothing to do with “Web-Based Information Systems” (my B Info Tech major)…

Check out my new cuckoo clock

I’ve always wanted a cuckoo clock and, although I didn’t buy it in Germany, my new timepiece is German made. On the main road in New Zealand between Hamilton and Rotorua is the small town of Tirau (meaning “place of many cabbage trees” in Maori; I don’t know what a cabbage tree looks like but I don’t remember seeing any of the vegetables) which is where I popped in to see The Clock Peddler.

A new year, a new web host

Finally I have registered my own domain name so that I can have complete control over my web site, and for the princely sum of $9.95 Canadian a month, I get 1GB of space, 30GB monthly traffic, and a host of other goodies. Backing up and restoring the database was quite easy but getting my year-old stylesheet to work with the new WordPress was pretty time consuming (now I understand what Monkey was talking about).

Being a new year, I should measure my success, or lack thereof, as the case may be, with my new year’s resolutions for 2005:

My new kitty, named Peanut

(Picture: Peanut sitting on the floor of the slate room extension at the back of the house)

Peanut sitting on the floor of the slate room extension at the back of the house

(Picture: Peanut getting ready to pounce on something in the lounge room)

Peanut getting ready to pounce on a small, windowed, box containing four suspended toy mice

(Picture: Peanut gets the object of her desire)

Peanut manages to obtain the poor mouse

(Picture: Peanut taking a low swipe at the camera)

Peanut taking a low swipe at the camera from the ground, and doing a good job of protecting my brand-new golf clubs at the same time

Enterprise has been cancelled. Thank god!

My day has been brightened today with the news that Enterprise has been cancelled. The series that dared not call itself “Star Trek”, in a pathetic attempt to attract new viewers, not once inspired the slightest bit of enthusiasm for the next episode.

New year’s resolutions for 2005

My brother has seen fit to publish his new year’s resolutions, so I may as well do the same. Here goes:

Guess what I just saw at Coles: Easter Eggs!

You might think that I’m just wishful thinking, because I do like my Easter Eggs, but seeing them on the shelves on the 30th of December is probably a tad early, don’t you think?