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    Crappy Linux Twitter Clients

    I’ve about had it with the range of Twitter clients on offer in Linux. Twitux seems capable of producing nothing but “Timeline Parse Error” messages these days, so I went looking for something else. Found two possibilities: gTwitter and Gwibber. Judging by the screenshots, Gwibber is a screen real-estate hog, so I don’t think I’ll bother with that. So that leaves gTwitter. More disappointment in store, it seems…

    I’m with Linus: KDE 4 sucks!

    A week ago I posted an entry saying that I might use Linux, but I wouldn’t recommend it. A comment to that post by one “JD” said that this was because I have “made bad Linux choices”. Well, having decided to bite the bullet and give Ubuntu with GNOME a try, I’m inclined to agree…

    I might use Linux, but I wouldn’t recommend it

    I’ve been using Linux as my one and only operating system at home for about 14 months now (12 months with Mandriva and the last two with openSUSE). During that time I’ve successfully managed to kick my dependency on proprietary software. Switching to was a major help because the need for MS Office was keeping me on Windows, and since Apple are too full of themselves to release a mid-range system without a monitor or an operating system that doesn’t treat me like a moron, Linux was the obvious choice. But I’d be lying if I said I was in computing heaven…

    My kindgom for a perfect operating system

    Just now I copied several gigabytes of data from one partition to another on my Windows XP Pro (64-bit edition) Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 machine. Having toyed around with Linux here and there over the years I’ve come to know that such a request isn’t beyond the realm of reasonableness. Linux can carry out this seemingly trivial task with aplomb but if you try to get Windows to do the same thing, old faithful shows just how crappy its inner workings truly are…

    Internet advertising gone crazy!

    Yesterday, I searched the internet far and wide for a plugin for the Eclipse IDE that would provide functionality similar to the “code snippets” feature in Dreamweaver. Having found the CFEclipse plugin, and discovering that I may use the Snip Tree View only when using the CFEclipse perspective, I decided to search a little more to see if I couldn’t squeeze out some reference to the snippets feature of CFEclipse being used in the Java perspective.

    PHP more popular than Java? Say it ain’t so!

    This morning I read an article on ZDNet Australia titled “Andreessen: PHP succeeding where Java isn’t”, which is about a speech given by Internet browser pioneer, Marc Andreessen, wherein he predicts that PHP will inevitably become more popular than Java because of its simplicity. PHP might appear simple at first glance, but if you actually spend some time working with it, you begin to feel as though the language was built by a thousand monkeys at a thousand computers – the dumb kind employed by C. Montgomery Burns

    We’ll miss you, Clive Robertson

    The unthinkable has happened: Clive Robertson is no longer a part of our morning wake-up ritual. The other day I directed my browser to “abc net au classic” (Clive’s way of saying the more correct “abc dot net dot au slash classic”) to see what the evening radio had in store for me, and decided to also check the Word of the Day. And what do I see at the top of this page? “Meet Paul Bevan, the new face of Classic FM Breakfast.”