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iTunes Preparation

For the past ten years I have converted most of my CDs to MP3 format and, gradually, a sense of order has evolved. Now I have my collection sub-divided into the following folder structure: d:\mp3\artist\album. This is all good and well but the ID3 tag information in these files isn’t as pretty as my nicely-ordered folder structure, which became apparent when friends, family, and colleagues wouldn’t shut up about the virtues of iTunes and I tried to import my collection.

What I once regarded as a lovingly-ordered collection of music was reduced to rubble when iTunes tried to make sense of it all. It seems that I never before cared enough about ID3 fields in Winamp which resulted in iTunes separating “JS Bach” from “Bach” and “Bach, JS”. Needless to say, I was not impressed, and quickly discarded iTunes. However, I have grown tired of navigating through my folder structure in Winamp’s standard Windows common dialogue, so I have finally done something about it and have written a program to tidy-up my entire collection. Introducting: iTunes Preparation…