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Guess what I just saw at Coles: Easter Eggs!

You might think that I’m just wishful thinking, because I do like my Easter Eggs, but seeing them on the shelves on the 30th of December is probably a tad early, don’t you think?

We’ll miss you, Clive Robertson

The unthinkable has happened: Clive Robertson is no longer a part of our morning wake-up ritual. The other day I directed my browser to “abc net au classic” (Clive’s way of saying the more correct “abc dot net dot au slash classic”) to see what the evening radio had in store for me, and decided to also check the Word of the Day. And what do I see at the top of this page? “Meet Paul Bevan, the new face of Classic FM Breakfast.”

About this web site

This web site exists mainly for the purposes of tinkering and to serve as an online reference for my brain, which tends to forget everything it doesn’t process on a regular basis. I can sit through a much-anticipated movie then look dumb when others talk about a particular scene that may have been spectacular. It seems that technology has atrophied my brain, which is now capable of a few short sprints, but definitely not a long distance walk or run. Since the internet is only a few steps away, this web site has come to my rescue!

Beijing 2002 – Days 8 & 9: Shanghai Airport, Picture of my souvenir haul

(Picture: )

Plasmatron screens were everywhere at Shanghai Airport

(Picture: )

A side-on view of my precious fake Rolex watch collection :-)

Beijing 2002 – Day 7: Prince Gong’s Palace, Coal Hill Park, Xiushui “Silk” Markets, Hutong, Silk Rug Factory

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An old man doing what I could never do!

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Elderly locals playing music in a garden at Beihai Park

Beijing 2002 – Day 6: School for Ethnic Minorities, Silk Factory, Peking Opera at Prince Gong’s Palace

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Students at the Beijing School for Ethnic Minorities at a morning assembly

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Ren and the inn-keeper, Liu Lihua, still looking for each other

Beijing 2002 – Day 5: The Temple of Heaven, China Resources Building Lunch, Llama Temple (Yonghe Gong), & Peking Duck Restaurant

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The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests

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The number of roast ducks served since 1864